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 Abdullah wasn't certain that The Fictional Man had ever truly been defeated. There was something about the way he folded at the end, the fear in his voice. He faced some sort of punishment for his defeat. But from whom?

He had traveled from  Kahndaq with Jay Garrick because his Gods and his king had demanded it, and has found himself lost, somewhere in America, immersed in magic. This isn't what I do, he thinks. My purpose is to stop and kill terrorists, not ... whatever this was

He considered his companions ... Jay Garrick was, apparently, a lightning fast superhero from World War II, returned after a long absence in search of the Helm of Nabu, which the Goddess Bastet also charged him with finding. To this end they enlisted the stage magician Zachary Zatara, whose role as a performer masked the fact that he was in fact truly a mage. Zatara was young, about his own age, and he was arrogant, but he knew his work ... he lead the three of them to John Constantine, who had somehow come into possession of the Helm.

Constantine was tainted by darkness. Seeing that was one of Abdullah's gifts. He wasn't completely corrupt. There was a spark of goodness left in him, enough to help them in their hour of need, but he exacted a price. There was always a price with people like him. 

The Fictional Man had been also tracking the Helm, and had nearly killed Constantine earlier. Wanting him removed as a threat seemed a reasonable request, but now that they were there, Abdullah found there was something about him that didn't sit right. He stepped back from the bound villain and adjusted his vision. When he wanted to, he could see connections to The Bleed. It was part of his gift to be able to travel through dimensions. Most people simply radiated energy from this world. Some had tangential connections to other worlds. He wasn't sure what it meant ... Garrick and Zatara were connected to one world, Constantine to another. There had been talk of the multiverse having been ... rebooted ... maybe it had something to do with that. Maybe it was just a signature from their previous travels. 

Whatever it was, The Fictional Man didn't have it. No connection to other worlds. No connection to this world. 

"He's not from anywhere," he said aloud. "He has no connections to Bleedspace at all. It's like he doesn't exist."

Abdullah's head was filled with questions.

Who was this man? Who was manipulating him? And where was the new Dr. Fate?

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Much to his shame, Elijah didn't like returning to Africa that often. It made him think of Anaykah, the brilliant scientist from the Lost city of Opak-re – Jakita's mother – and that was a pang that he didn't like to face. It's been decades, and he was still in love with the woman. Worse, she was probably still alive out there, somewhere, wherever they hid the city after Jakita was born, after Anaykah and Lord Blackstock broke their only really big taboo. 

But this was hardly Opak-re. That was a dreamlike, sci-fi fantasy. This part of the Congo was impoverished by drought and war, ravaged by soldiers and terrorists and practically ignored by the world at large. It made him angry that he avoided this, too. the human misery here was a solvable problem, he believed, but governments and corporations are driven by self-interest, and places like this were only there to be exploited, as far as they were concerned. American, Russian and Chinese companies raced to strip the entire country of its resources and pay a pittance in return. 

But that was an issue for another day, one he intended to return to when he was  able. In the meantime was the mission ahead of him, and the unlikely company with which he'd found himself.  An emergency in Fawcett city had called Freeman away, leaving him with the Martian Manhunter and Jenny Quantum. The latter he'd been aware of for ages, of course, before he was even common knowledge. he'd looked in to death of one Dr. Erdel in the '50s, and became aware of the alien's presence on Earth. He even wrote about him for a Planetary Guide. But the Martian proved benign, so he didn't intervene. Still, having him here now made him nervous. He wasn't at all certain they'd land on the same side when push came to shove.

And then there was  Jenny ... He had ... ahem ...known Jenny Sparks, of course, so having this 17-year-old girl in front of him who was her reincarnated was a bit odd, but it was her power that really unnerved him. She had bent reality to create a door between Singapore and the Congo, allowing them to traverse the seconds in the space of a few heartbeats. Jenny Sparks had been one of the most powerful people on Earth. Jenny Quantum probably was the planet's most powerful person, and it was unclear what she would do with that power.  In a lot of ways, the world would reflect her life, and vice versa. He could see why that would make her valuable to someone like ...

He didn't know. He didn't really know who his enemy was, here. Anubis? Certainly, but there was a more mundane hand in all this. Luthor? No, Luthor was with Superman. Still, if he ever realized exactly what Jenny and the other kids represented ...

He shook it off. Jenny didn't know exactly where to bring them, so she got us to a municipality in the area where they were mostly seen, and  the trio rented a jeep, seeing as "I'm an old geezer who can't fly." They had an idea where we were going -- a township out in the savannah, but only rumors telling them what to expect ... fantastic technological marvels, on the verge of propelling the impoverished township out of poverty and into the future. That was something Elijah would like to see. 

Mexico City

Oct. 1st, 2017 02:15 pm
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Lex pondered all the things he had learned in Singapore ... the Century Children, the revelation of the Earth having once been menaced by yet another alternate universe version of Superman ... meeting the author of the Planetary Guides.

He had hoped to journey to Africa with Elijah Snow, but logistically, it made much more sense for him to head to Africa. He had property in Mexico City they could use as a base of operations, and business contacts that could secure them a meeting with the young pop star, Valentina Cazador. It wasn't like she was an active adventurer like Jenny Quantum. Even if she had powers, as Snow suggested, the world she was surrounded by was more alien to their adventures than Superman or the Martian. No, she had to be approached properly, or all hell would break loose.

Snow's people would meet them in Mexico City, along with another one of these Century Children. Admittedly, the idea of them plagued his thoughts, these children ... some sort of planetary defense system. The Spirit of the 21st Century, the Ghost of the Desert, the Gateway Between the Living and the Dead ... The three he was aware of were powerful to change the world ... indeed, they were destined to change the world. But change it how ... Most of their predecessors were dead before 1950. What would the world have been like had they lived. What would happen if someone were present to guide them as youths?

He put the thought aside as they arrived at his penthouse suite in Mexico City. He had resisted the urge to have it decorated in a more cliche Latino fashion, instead favoring the same slick sophistication of his Metropolis apartment with more red, green and gold accents and a few indigenous antiques and work by Mexican painters and sculptors. He wondered how much of this would be apparent to his Kryptonian ... companion? Colleague? Whatever it was they were in this experiment of working together. It occurs to him, and not for the first time, how little he knows about Superman's tastes, aesthetics. Any of the things that would make him human. Silently, he wonders if he hasn't gone out of his way not to learn those things, or if the Kryptonian simply kept those things close to the vest.

They arrived, and Cazador's unreleased new album began to play. Lex had made arrangements to acquire a preview. The opening song was an upbeat pop anthem called, according to his display, "Espíritu Digital."

"Welcome to Mexico, Superman," he said. "Is there anything you need be before we meet up with Snow's people and rendezvous with the girl?
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There is one thing you need to know. Someone is always watching. Before gods, there was the Monitor-Mind and this, the Helmet of Nabu, sometimes speaks in dry whispers of Novu, the Proto Monitor. when the Monitor Race died, things from outside came to occupy the vacuum they left behind. But the multiverse was not defenseless, and across time and space it set what can only be called antibodies, forces powerful enough to insulate the multiple Earths from the forces that would ravage them. 

On my Earth, they call me Doc Fate. I'm the leader of the Society of Superheroes, and my Earth's current  Champion of Nabu. My world staved off an invasion from a parallel Earth, lead by that world's Vandal Savage. We lost a lot ... came perilously close to two worlds' worth of genocide ... but ultimately we prevailed. Since then, the SOS has made it our business to observe the multiple Earths, guarding against more such existential threats. It was in the course of our observances that we discovered your world. That's when I learned of Anubis, and his efforts to dismantle your Earth's defenses. and your Earth has many ... more than most ... You have superhumans. You have a Champion of Nabu, although he has not been found, yet. You have a Champion of Shazam. You have Green Lanterns. You have Elementals, and a Superman. And you have Children of the Century. 

The last is the rarest across the multiverse, set to preserve something unknown and precious. My own Earth does not have them, although my counterpart on your world, Doc Brass, was one. In his '40s, he and others stopped an incursion from an alternate universe, much as my associates and I did here.  Moreover, the fight was against an alternate Justice League, with counterparts of Superman and Green Lantern leading the attack.  Brass was the only survivor of the fight, discovered trapped in a mountain lair by the Planetary Foundation, just before the turn of the century. 

Doc Brass was murdered by a man from a Fictional Universe, a stone-cold killer from a dimension created by human mad scientists, in order steal his research on indigenous planetary defense systems for the Injustice Society, the cat's paws of Anubis, reporting to a shadowy leader even I can't identify. Elijah Snow, the last remaining Child of the 20th century, then moved quickly to secure the children of the 21st, certain they were being targeted for murder or worse. He traveled with his companions Jakita Wagner and the Drummer to Kahndaq to locate one, Ghost of the Desert, but he also found Black Adam, the current Champion of Shazam and your Earth's original Flash, Jay Garrick.  These heroes were whisked away to another universe, where the Goddess Bastet warned them of Anubis' threat, and charged them to defend the world by  gathering and protecting the Children of the 21st Century, finding the new Dr. Fate and reforming the Justice Society. 

And so they split up. Elijah snow and Freddy Freeman traveled to Singapore to rescue Jenny Quantum, who was targeted by a possessed Great Ten. They were joined by Superman, The Martian Manhunter and Lex Luthor, and were victorious, despite not learning the name of who was controlling the Chinese heroes, and  learning that one of their number, Thundermind, had been abducted.

Jakita Wagner and Black Adam also succeeded in securing their target in California, The Gateway Between the Living and the Dead,  but at great cost, as Black Adam fell to the Injustice Society giving Wagner a chance to escape with their charge.  Lastly, Garrick and Ghost sought aid from Zachary Zatara and  John Constantine  to seek the missing Fate, but their efforts brought them into conflict with the murderous Fictional Man. It was during their fight that interdimensional interference interrupted my observance, and I have struggled to regain the connection. It is unclear if the SOS will be able to aid this Earth at all if necessary. It's defense may be left to its own champions. 

The last remaining Century Children appear to have been located in Mexico and Africa, and the heroes must race to them to protect them from the injustice Society. Likewise, the new Fate must be located. And then Bastet's final instruction echoes through my head: Reform the Justice Society ... But who comprise that team? Who will train the next generation of heroes?

An Age of Heroes is upon your Earth, and that is glorious ... but those only come when the dangers are greatest. And right now, the darkness is beginning to fall ....


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After the crashes, glass breaking, grunts and groans and posturing, the chatter of the coffee grinder seems to echo in Jakita's ears as she waits.

"One double shot 12 ounce americano and a 20 ounce half-caf white chocolate mocha with extra chocolate for... " The barista squints at the name. "Justina?" She restrains the eye roll and grabs the two drinks off the bar and heads to their seats. There's a table tucked back into the corner, and Jakita's pleased to see that Whitney's placed their chairs so that they both face the door, and away from windows.

Whitney's drink gets placed in front of her.

"The guy behind the bar had a heavy hand with that chocolate, so I'd stir that a bit."
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"This is getting entirely out of hand," thinks Elijah, looking out at the massive property damage that was, thankfully, the only real casualty of the skirmish. "The Great Ten. The Martian Manhunter. Lex Fucking Luthor. Superman." He had barely gotten used to having Freeman along, but now he's got his very own Justice League.

"No," he says under his breath. "Not a Justice League ... a Justice Society."

He remembers Bastet's  warning: You must reforge the circle. Only the Justice Society can train the next generation of heroes to defeat the darkness.

With the Great Ten and whatever it was controlling them defeated, Elijah decides it's time to get back to the mission Bastet set them  on: Gathering the Children of the Century. He throws Freeman a look ... he's the only one who can back up the story, who knows what the stakes are. More importantly, he's the only one they'll listen to.

"Gentlemen," he says to Superman and the others, mustering what Old Man gravitas he has. "My name is Elijah Snow. I represent the Planetary Foundation, and it's imperative that Ms. Quantum come with us. The fate of the world's at stake."

Wow, he thinks.  Maybe superhero dialog is contagious.


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If you asked Zachary Zatara to ever choose between style and substance, he'd tell you you were a fool for thinking there was a difference. Nothing without style has any substance, he'd be happy to inform them. That attitude was reflected in his magic as well. Never cook up a spell with three components if you can squeeze in seven, that sort of thing. Between his house and Constantine's, he'd managed to concoct a suitable recipe for deception. Old metal, older than most countries, had enough provenance to serve as the basis for a fake Helm (and really the museums that had displaced them had had generations to find the weapons they used for material, and if they hadn't found them by now, they obviously hadn't cared enough). The various distortions of time and connection to one of the creation energies made Mister Garrick's blood another useful component, although Zachary's (however sass-laden) deference to his elders made him more cautious than usual in drawing the portion he needed, and he'd bid the old man get a snack and some juice afterwards.

The rest of it really came down to cosmetics and tailoring, areas in which Zachary excelled through no other virtue than study and repetition. Abdullah made a near flawless double by the time Zachary was done with him. Constantine's regularly scheduled disregard for his own health, and other bad decisions, would account for any nicks and dents here and there. Mundane skill covered everything the naked eye could perceive, and with the actual Helm and Constantine nearby, he could (with more effort than he liked to admit, truth be told) redirect any scrying or similar magical detections onto the decoy.

"So..." Zach circled the stand-in, "--where are we setting this hook?"
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Mia had been out of the whole superhero gig for too long. After certain events had transpired, she'd took a break. Focused on herself. Enrolled in college classes and got a job waiting tables at a local cafe. Got an apartment with some girls from her classes. Hung up the bow and arrows to give being Speedy a break. And for the most part, she liked it.

But she couldn't ignore that there was a part of her that was missing. A part of her that for felt empty. Yes, focusing on being just Mia was fine. But retirement was making her restless.

So, she went in her closet and dug out the bow and quiver still full of arrows. Started doing target practice on the roof of her apartment building to brush up on her skills. She started working out more regularly to get back into shape. She wasn't unhealthy or anything, but getting back into a routine was good if she was going to be going out on regular patrols again.

The biggest thing was coming up with a way to keep the secret from her roommates. Sure, she could move out, but she had no desire move into a little stuffy studio in the Triangle. She'd already escaped that place. And she sure as hell wasn't going back. She decided the best way would to be sneaking out at night, or after classes or work. She could fine tune the mechanics later but for now, she just wanted to get back in the game.

It was her first night back on the streets, and while she was itching to get back into the game, Mia's stomach was all tied up in knots. What if something bad happened? What if she got hurt? She didn't have anyone to bail her out this time. No Ollie, Roy, Connor, or Dinah. She was on her own.

As she watched the streets from the rooftop of the Star City First National Bank, Mia inhaled deeply. She could do this. She knew it.
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  It's a gorgeous Southern California day in Sunnyville: the sun is shining, music's blaring from cars and open windows, young people are dressed for the beach, seemingly if they're just going to school.

Whitney Winters has come to hate the sun. She sees it as just a big lie glitzing over the horror that lies beneath the world's surface. And she's seen horror.  Horror that's cost her friends, family, her very innocence, 

"Yeah, yeah," she says to herself. "Pity party, table for one." She shakes it off and shuffles to class. That annoying Valentina Cazador is playing in the hallways. "That girl is the devil," she thinks, now realizing that she's late, and doesn't even have her chemistry textbook. She sighs, and doubles back to her locker. 

No sooner has she pulled the book from the locker, though, then she realizes that the hallways has been blocked by a wall of ice. 

"Miss Winters," says a pale white man with a sort of Jack Frost motif costume, "It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm afraid I need you to come with us."


Mar. 21st, 2017 08:11 am
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Jenny Quantum was born in Singapore, and knows its streets and alleys on a subatomic level. She can feel the city's pulse and flow in her blood, even when she's away. It's why she always returns here, when all of the universe is theoretically open to her. Singapore is home. It's where she feels safe. which for all her power is a feeling that comes seldom.

But now she's being chased through the alleys by a dozen or so identical looking men. She knows who they are, of course, but can't believe they'd pursue her here.  "What were they thinking?" she muses to herself, and then turns and scatters them with an explosion of energy. She doesn't want to hurt them. Not really. Even at her young age, she's seen enough death to be tired of it. But she won't let them hurt her, anyway.

Her pursuers delayed, she turns again and runs. Again, she tries to summon a door, and again, it doesn't come.

That's when the sonic attack hits, throwing her off her guard. And that's when the arrow tip grazes her arm, and she can feel the paralytic, interfering with her ability to access her powers. She can feel them in the shadows, closing in on her.

She won't die here. She knows that. But there are fates worse than death, and the Spirit of the 21st Century falling into their hands is one of them.  
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Portsmouth, Oregon, the basement laboratory of Doctor Mid-Nite

In the weeks since regaining his memories, Pieter Cross had been busy.  There was a city to protect, people who needed the justice only he could provide, and the help he could provide in his "secret" identity as well.  There was the work he was doing to track down Endless Winter and her metagene operation.  There was the time he was researching how to save Lana Lang's life.  And there was research into what had become of his fellow JSA members.

The last leads were rather few at the time, as his memories and reality both seemed to be sorting each other out.  Michael in particular seemed to have vanished from the face of the Earth.

A chime from his security system alerted him to the fact that he had visitors.

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Elijah reclines in the set of the luxury plane Planetary's charted for the trip to Singapore, sips a bourbon and reviews the files on Jenny Quantum. Of course, he knew Jenny Sparks -- more than knew her, if he were to be completely honest -- but he's still not sure he buys this whole reincarnation thing. But who knows? The "Children of the Century,"  as Bastet deemed them, were hardly normal cases.

It took some convincing to get Freeman to fly on the plane with him. Superheroes. They're always in a rush. He, on the other hand, could procure legal flight documents and visas on demand. Superheroes flying in and out of Asian airspace usually garners attention, and he wants to get to jenny Quantum as quietly as possible. He doesn't want to attract attention of Singapore or Chinese authorities. He certainly doesn't want more dust-ups with superheroes and supervillains, but that's probably a lost cause. we're too far down that rabbit hole.

He looks over at Freeman. It's not the first time he's encountered the Marvel Family, of course. Hre came to Fawcett a few years ago, looking for the entrance to the Rock of Eternity. 

That's when he found himself in the middle of a superhero donnybrook against one of Doctor Sivana's giant robots. And that's not even when things got weird ...
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The underworld had been abuzz with information - information readily available to an enterprising young vigilante with a extensive knowledge of pressure points. Someone was pulling together a lot of freelance muscle, and the word on the street was that the target would be the Gotham Diamond Exchange, in the city's East End.

To that end, Damian had shifted his patrol route to take him near the Exchange for the past few nights, anticipating that sooner or later, his patience would pay off.

He alights on a nearby rooftop, crouching atop an air conditioning unit and letting the dark outer layer of his cloak envelop him in shadows, watching for signs that his patience would be rewarded.
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"Just follow the red lady, just a matter of if your eyes are fast enough, lady and gentlemen." 'Z' addressed the small crowd in front of him and his folding table, as he flipped a trio of playing cards back and forth. He gave a flourish and showed the red queen for a moment before slipping it back into the mix. "She's not smart enough to get away for long. Can't be that smart if she named both her sons 'Jack'." He displayed the Jacks of Clubs and Spades without falling out of rhythm, before letting all three cards into their final place with a gently audible slap of coated paper on plastic.

Sure, these people were getting what would have been a 500 an hour treatment at any private engagement Zach attended, but it was always important to keep his skills sharp. He could have made the game foolproof with even the most basic illusion, but where's the glory in that? He was every bit the stage magician that Zanna was, after all, and that included the cosmetics he was currently sporting. Lightening the hair, making the cheeks a little more gaunt, and shabby-chic clothes. The perfect vision of a reasonably competent busker; not starving, but probably hadn't seen steak in a while. The growing stack of singles on the table looked like a very great achievement (and would make a nice addition to the charitable donations pile when he did his taxes next).
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This was the best plan ever.

Okay so it wasn't the first time Beast Boy had thought those words. He'd have said them but his usual partner in crime is busy hanging out with the big kids, and talking to yourself is a sign of insanity. "Right?" Beast Boy asks nobody, before shifting into the form of a bird and flapping over the wire fence.

Not that he didn't have tickets, but you've got to show off when you can. Never know when an audience would be around!

There wasn't, or at least the people were used to green animals that shift into teenagers. Not a big deal; Beast Boy winked at a passing cutie just to show he still had skin in the game, and went to make sure his tickets were right. Things were...weird since all that stuff with the blue guy. He had more memories than he should, just mathematically speaking, and frankly it was all a little cerebral for a go with your instincts guy like him. What he really needed was some fun, and what better place than a freaking fun fair!

Beast Boy took in the scents of the boardwalk; cheap food, cheaper perfumes, decaying rides and the oil and assorted fluids that kept them working, and a little bit of sick for flavor. Awesome. And as an added incentive, one of a certain someone's favorite authors was doing a book signing in an hour. Some depressing lady who wrote about sad people being miserable. The first two books were kind of okay, maybe.

"Let's just hope she shows up." Beast Boy crouches on a bench, not really embarrassed by the less than human posture he was most comfortable in. Not often anyway.
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Jakita sits at one of the desks, feet kicked up on the nearest corner, as she flips through an outdated copy of LA Travel.

"Spacation? What the hell does that even mean, Phoebe?" There's a jangle as keys get tossed across the room, and she catches the ring in one hand. The question is directed to the young blond woman who is wending her way towards the pair; she shrugs.

"Can't tell ya, Ms. Wagner, y'all don't give us a whole lot of vacation time to try stuff like that out. Maybe bring that up to the old man next time you see him?" The smile on her face softens the harsh words, and Jakita can't help but grin back at her.

Phoebe holds out a neatly-labeled folder. "This has everything you need - insurance papers, some traveling cash, and an address for the lady you're there to talk to. I apologize in advance for the traffic y'all are going to hit, so please try not to blow anything up, because it'll just make it worse."
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Lex Luthor and Superman soar across the Pacific. Even taking a Boom Tube to international waters, the flight will still take more than an hour. He knows the Kryptonian is curious to see him put the armor through its paces, which is probably the only reason he's taking what is, for him the slow way.

But he has to concede ... he likes flying. It's become a sort of refuge. He forgets about his responsibilities, his agendas. For a moment, at least.

"I have a dozen odd-business ventures and partnerships in Singapore," he says, casually. "More than a number of place suitable to use as a base to look for a quantum-powered teenager. Have you spent much time there?"

He actually finds he wants to know the answer to that question. He can't imagine Superman just visiting someplace. He can't imagine battling Titano and then stopping to try the dim sum.
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The Phaeton is one of the oldest, most famous comedy clubs in Gotham, a traditional place for hot young comics to cut their teeth. Its brass facade is broadcast throughout the country on the “One AM at the Phaeton” program, but the best comedy, aficionados say, is when the cameras are off. Its purer.

A set's just finished, and the lights dim. No one notices men in coats ease towards the exits, or anything threatening about the thin shape making its way to the stage. The MC reads his placard, “Wasn't she great folks? Loved the joke about the...well, all of them! Next up is a special guest, an old favorite under the name...E. Kelley?”

The lights go on. The clown smiles.

“Holy cats its the Joker!” A man in the audience shouts.

“Where?!” Joker turns around, shocked, and before the screams start he holds up a hand. Its Gotham, people know how to avoid sudden death by explosion. “Listen, listen, listen. I'm flattered, really, but I'm not here for WORK. There are, naturally, ah heh, precautions...I can't resist a captive audience...but, well. Sigh. Can ol'Uncle J be real with you kids for a second?”

“Who here's ever been abducted by aliens?” Joker raises his hand, and pauses, as if expecting a response. “Anyone? Hmm? You in the back? Well, I was! They wanted me for a comedian, which was actually a bit flattering...except they didn't laugh!” Joker tsks, pacing a bit. “I had to resort to physical comedy, of all things! So I thought I'd sharpen my act! To keep it simple, no one panics or calls the fuzz, we all get out of here alright. Shall we? Ahem.” Joker sprays his mouth with something, and winks.

“Anyone remember Commissioner Loeb? Big guy, white suits, kind of had that balding teacher you didn't want to leave little Stan or Susie alone with look going on? Gloriously incompetent? I miss him, I really do.” Joker looks nostalgic for a second, “But what always threw people off about the old man was, well, the cartoons. I don't know how many of you babies have been in the guy's office but it was everywhere! Mice, ducks, loved the Cashews kids. You know I kidnapped the guy who wrote those comics once, but that's a different story, the point is we're all used to cops being gruff and grim with an optional heart of gold and here's a guy who dresses and acts like everyone's creepy uncle. So I think, what's your angle Loeb? And by think I mean, you know, kidnap." Joker shrugs like this is a normal train of thought. "People just aren't direct enough you know! So I'm there, he's there, we're in one of those convenient sewer tunnels that whatever mad genius that designed this city just put EVERYWHERE, and I've even decorated a little. Ah heh, to set the mood. He barely notices, the swine, just gives the usual you'll never get away with this banter and the Bat's late, I suppose, so I just ask him, Loeb, what's with the kiddy shit?”

“The man looks at me and starts blubbering." Joker makes a little crybaby motion over his eyes, "Says he gets that all the time. He just likes them! Though it made him approachable, reminded him of good times growing up. Doesn't understand how it's any different from sports trophies or pictures of your boat or anything else and the thing, he said, about saying 'you'd never touch a kid' is that it makes a certain sort of mind all the more ready to believe you'd touch a kid and God if that wasn't true!”

“I let the guy go. What could be funnier than that?”
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It had been two days since the Amazo attack. And Kara was, at this point, quite restless. Because of the exposure to Kryptonite radiation (which, it had been determined, was NOT from Luthor's satellite, surprisingly enough), they wanted Kara to remain on the Watchtower for a couple of days to make sure it was all out of her system.

She has now seen the entire runs of "Stranger Things", the Gilmore Girls revival, and "Black Lightning" on Netflix, and she wasn't going to resort to
"Fuller House". Fortunately, she thinks she gets to go back to National City tomorrow. Which is a good thing, since CatCo requires a doctor's excuse after three consecutive sick days.
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It had started after the incident. Kendra had awoken in the hospital with only the haziest of recollections of how she had gotten there, a lot of noise in her head, and a vicious urge to go to New Orleans. It had taken her six months after being released to actually book the trip, a little vacation of sorts with a stay in a quaint boutique hotel in the French Quarter and a plan to check out some historical sights. Certainly that would be enough to satisfy the craving, that and several trips to Cafe du Monde.

But then there was the graveyard tour. And getting separated from the group in the dark of night. And the random mugger who seemed to come out of nowhere. Who wasn't a mugger (muggers don't fight like that.) And then the wings. And the near-bloodlust. By the time the dawn was rising Kendra found herself sitting in the sculpture yard of a closed museum in nearby St. Roch, knuckles stained with blood and two enormous wings sprouted from her back.

She eventually made her way back to the hotel, but she didn't go home. Instead, she rented an apartment in the Quarter, effectively disappearing from her life except for at night.

Most people don't blink at the wings in the French Quarter after dark.


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