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It had been two days since the Amazo attack. And Kara was, at this point, quite restless. Because of the exposure to Kryptonite radiation (which, it had been determined, was NOT from Luthor's satellite, surprisingly enough), they wanted Kara to remain on the Watchtower for a couple of days to make sure it was all out of her system.

She has now seen the entire runs of "Stranger Things", the Gilmore Girls revival, and "Black Lightning" on Netflix, and she wasn't going to resort to
"Fuller House". Fortunately, she thinks she gets to go back to National City tomorrow. Which is a good thing, since CatCo requires a doctor's excuse after three consecutive sick days.
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The day before Thanksgiving, and the Daily Planet offices are buzzing as Perry White walks through the newsroom, having returned from...somewhere. He doesn't say much, just nodding and grunting as some of the newer reporters and copy editors just...get out of his way. They normally do that when he's in a bad mood.

He turns into his office and walks towards his desk...where he apparently is already sitting, typing furiously away. "Perry" walks over to the desk and leans on his arms, waiting for Perry to notice him.

"You know, doors exist for a reason." Perry says as he finishes his sentence and looks up. "Mainly to keep from being dis....what the..."

As Perry sees this...other Perry...the form morphs, Martian-like, into the visage of Amazo, the One Man Justice League.

Perry gasps. "Great Caesars'..."

Amazo shoves the desk, with Perry and the chair behind it, straight backward, through the window, several stories up.

"...ghost." Amazo finishes.

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You'd never know it's been ground zero on so many occasions. The building looks new it's been rebuilt so many times.

The facade has been blown out more times than Guy can remember. He could have built an entire apartment complex with the lumber and nails that have gone into the place over the years.

The plumbing has been host to weird alien gunk so often that PipeBros and Rush-Rooter stopped returning his calls. Extreme measures has to be taken to avoid a Corps intervention.

Wood floors look great, but durable they aint.

Don't even ask about the foundation. Most of it is now an aggregate of materials you don't find on Earth...except for maybe in the labs of evil genius gorillas bent on world domination.
Concrete and rebar just wasn't cutting it.

Fortunately a Power Ring makes the ultimate handyman helper.

The last touches are just now going up. The neon flashes it;s emerald green of course but a few ice blue lights have been added to the venue as well.
Love is compromise, ya know?

Warriors is open for business.



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