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Mia had been out of the whole superhero gig for too long. After certain events had transpired, she'd took a break. Focused on herself. Enrolled in college classes and got a job waiting tables at a local cafe. Got an apartment with some girls from her classes. Hung up the bow and arrows to give being Speedy a break. And for the most part, she liked it.

But she couldn't ignore that there was a part of her that was missing. A part of her that for felt empty. Yes, focusing on being just Mia was fine. But retirement was making her restless.

So, she went in her closet and dug out the bow and quiver still full of arrows. Started doing target practice on the roof of her apartment building to brush up on her skills. She started working out more regularly to get back into shape. She wasn't unhealthy or anything, but getting back into a routine was good if she was going to be going out on regular patrols again.

The biggest thing was coming up with a way to keep the secret from her roommates. Sure, she could move out, but she had no desire move into a little stuffy studio in the Triangle. She'd already escaped that place. And she sure as hell wasn't going back. She decided the best way would to be sneaking out at night, or after classes or work. She could fine tune the mechanics later but for now, she just wanted to get back in the game.

It was her first night back on the streets, and while she was itching to get back into the game, Mia's stomach was all tied up in knots. What if something bad happened? What if she got hurt? She didn't have anyone to bail her out this time. No Ollie, Roy, Connor, or Dinah. She was on her own.

As she watched the streets from the rooftop of the Star City First National Bank, Mia inhaled deeply. She could do this. She knew it.


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