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Its late at night at the Kent Farm, and the Man of Steel has a plan.

He's cleared a bit of the back 40, working quickly and quietly; the fence seems to be the standard material favored by farmers throughout Smallville, but a careful observer might see some strange sediment sparkling amid the wood. Crystal. Just a little something from his cache of Kryptonian artifacts to dampen sound and subtly dissuade visitors from paying attention; Clark's still working on a name for it. Solitude Field, maybe? The K-Tech's distortions will, if Clark read his father's notes right, allow for a perfect practice ground to help Jon start to master his abilities while keeping their alien presence a secret. No more landing in the neighbor girl's barn and scaring her cat!

Clark makes a mental note to look into why their neighbors are so... blase about all the strangeness that's been happening since the Kents moved into town. Not that he minds Jon having a friend, the opposite in fact, they just live in a world of android duplicates and sinister conspiracies and he literally doesn't know what he'd do if either of them broke his son's heart. Fatherhood is new and the intense emotions its brought on scare Superman, a little.

Either way, its perfect for his needs; he can hear any trouble, but trouble will have a harder time finding him...or his son. "Jon!" Clark calls to the house, "Come out here! I want to show you something!"


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