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The underworld had been abuzz with information - information readily available to an enterprising young vigilante with a extensive knowledge of pressure points. Someone was pulling together a lot of freelance muscle, and the word on the street was that the target would be the Gotham Diamond Exchange, in the city's East End.

To that end, Damian had shifted his patrol route to take him near the Exchange for the past few nights, anticipating that sooner or later, his patience would pay off.

He alights on a nearby rooftop, crouching atop an air conditioning unit and letting the dark outer layer of his cloak envelop him in shadows, watching for signs that his patience would be rewarded.
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Picking a lock with two broken fingers isn't a trivial task, but as long as the thumb is intact, it is not an impossible one. Damian flexed his left hand as the right one worked - everything was intact on that side, but he knew from experience that his time would still be better with the damaged right.

A nearly imperceptible click brings a confident smirk to his face, and he slips inside - moving with stealth despite the garish colors of his suit.

He wasn't sure if the doctor was in or not, but this was the nearest safe stash of medical supplies, according to Father's files, and prompt treatment of the fingers would bring him back to his full capabilities all the faster.


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