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It was easier for a sentient gorilla to make a stealthy entrance into a public building that you'd think. Granted it was night and he had traveled in a rather large fan to hide his massive frame while traveling, but it had still been easier than anticipated.

"Keep an eye open," Grodd ordered the humans up front. They were both mind-controlled security personnel with credentials that would send any nosy bystanders off none the wiser.

A few got out, casing the perimeter before one gave a couple knocks on the van door. Signal given that it was clear, Grodd exited. The sight of several light-armored men escorting a giant gorilla into a museum would be an odd sight just about anywhere else..but this was Central City. Grodd had been here many times before. He let out a low growl. He would have greatly preferred not to come to this city again, but this called for his personal attention. If the worst came to happen, it wouldn't matter. The wheels were already in motion. He abandoned the line of thinking when he heard the security team unlock the door. They had already disabled the alarm.

"You two, keep an eye on the front. The rest of you, come with me."

They followed as dutiful as any soldier, which was precisely what their mental programming told them to do. The local security guard was knocked unconscious and drugged into a corner. It was then that Grodd saw his objective. It looked relatively unimpressive, a relic found in some backwater third world country. It was carved to resemble some primitive deity, but if what Grodd suspected was true, it was something more entirely.

Coming Home

Dec. 8th, 2016 11:51 pm
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The rain poured down, drenching his clothing as he stood out there, staring frozen at the empty mansion. A couple of his rats scurried up his body to find some small semblance of shelter under his hood, before eagerly lapping up a few of the droplets that ran down his face and dripped off his earlobe. His face softened slightly at the reminder that his 'pets' were present.

"I'm sorry, my lovelies. We'll be out of the rain soon."

Just as soon as he built up the courage to walk through that door. Technically, the mansion was his. He was, after all, the heir to the Rathaway fortune, their property included, seeing as his parents had welcomed him back into their lives and their will along with it before they were murdered. And that, of course, was the reason why he had trouble lifting his feet and forcing himself to go inside. He hadn't been there since he'd been arrested for their murder, something he later was acquitted for when it became clear that the Mirror Master was the culprit. Still, he wasn't sure which haunted him more, the thoughts of them, lying dead in their home, or the fact that part of him almost expected to be able to knock on the door and have them answer.

Yet, part of him knew he had to do this. To deal with this. So much had happened in the years following his parents' death, and he'd focused on bringing Mirror Master to justice (which he hadn't actually managed to do), ended up on the run a few times, spent some time in prison, but, well...he'd never come back here. And the place was in his name now, so he really should.

Hartley was about to force himself to take another step when he heard footsteps behind him. Approaching him.
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The Justice League Watchtower

J'onn J'onzz stared out at the stars from the bridge of the Watchtower, feeling quite at home.  To return to these hallowed halls, to once more be counted among the World's Greatest Super-Heroes...

J'onn would never be one to compare or put his suffering above that of others.  But Doctor Manhattan and the others who had played so recklessly with time and their lives...  His  history, his friends, his very sense of self had been stolen from him.  He had been turned against his friends, his very history, the history of his people, had been altered to the point of being unrecognizable.

But he was himself again, his memories and history as they should be.

He looked out at the stars and at the Earth.

"It is good to be home."


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