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Some people have compared Gotham to a layer of hell, though others say that the essential flaw of the American character is that they're storytellers and prone to exaggeration.

In other words it doesn't rain every night. Some nights aren't even marred by explosions, helicopter chases, or the cacophonous screams of the latest mob of victims of a edgy pop flashcrime. Sometimes all you hear is the latest Lorne Michaels sitcom playing as people sit with their families and recover from a hard day's work.

The Batsignal can come on then, too. Conspiracy theorists say that the police don't even use it to summon the Batman much anymore, having a direct hotline to his headquarters, instead having the iconic symbol of Gotham's skyline as a reminder to criminals that the Dark Knight is out there, somewhere.

Only, if someone were paying attention, tonight it isn't coming FROM police headquarters.

And it really isn't supposed to be smiling either...


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