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There were advantages and disadvantages in the life of a costumed superhero. Being identifiably American, one of the challenges was not causing international incidents should one be called into action in a foreign country. Kahndaq, in particular, was something of a hot spot, due to the sometimes unforgiving character of its ruler - the mystical demi-god called Black Adam.

So getting a face to face with Black Adam probably shouldn't involve running right up to the palace steps, in short. Jay's plan was much simpler - kick up a few dust storms in outlying areas with just enough of a pattern that Adam would come looking to investigate them - then they could have a face-to-face without stirring up too much trouble.

And truth be told, he was beginning to have a little fun - starting to see the appeal of crop circles to pranksters back home.
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Alan looked forward to these Tuesday mornings. They alternated week to week, and tried different places. Always local coffee shops and diners, though...Sanddollars got enough of the market share.

The aftermath of the...event...had Alan in a familiar place. Deaged...again. Not his youngest, but younger than he had been. Young enough to feel vital again.

Even so...he hadn't been out in the costume recently. It didn't feel right. The Justice Society was...gone for a time...and his memories of his time in that team were scattered to the point where he couldn't lock down yet which of them to trust.

But some friendship...transcends time shenanigans.


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