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This was the best plan ever.

Okay so it wasn't the first time Beast Boy had thought those words. He'd have said them but his usual partner in crime is busy hanging out with the big kids, and talking to yourself is a sign of insanity. "Right?" Beast Boy asks nobody, before shifting into the form of a bird and flapping over the wire fence.

Not that he didn't have tickets, but you've got to show off when you can. Never know when an audience would be around!

There wasn't, or at least the people were used to green animals that shift into teenagers. Not a big deal; Beast Boy winked at a passing cutie just to show he still had skin in the game, and went to make sure his tickets were right. Things were...weird since all that stuff with the blue guy. He had more memories than he should, just mathematically speaking, and frankly it was all a little cerebral for a go with your instincts guy like him. What he really needed was some fun, and what better place than a freaking fun fair!

Beast Boy took in the scents of the boardwalk; cheap food, cheaper perfumes, decaying rides and the oil and assorted fluids that kept them working, and a little bit of sick for flavor. Awesome. And as an added incentive, one of a certain someone's favorite authors was doing a book signing in an hour. Some depressing lady who wrote about sad people being miserable. The first two books were kind of okay, maybe.

"Let's just hope she shows up." Beast Boy crouches on a bench, not really embarrassed by the less than human posture he was most comfortable in. Not often anyway.

Date: 2017-01-31 07:31 pm (UTC)
midnight_blue: Raven in street close and happy. (dancing)
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Fidgeting uncomfortably in line, Raven reached up and pulled tight on the drawstrings of her worn, grey hoodie in a weak attempt block out the world. It had been weeks since she first felt the shift in timelines and her memories were still a jumbled mess. She had sealed herself away in her room this entire time, trying to straighten out her thoughts, but all her isolation managed to do was weaken her tolerance for outside emotions.

Clutching the book in her arms she thought to herself “There’s so many people here, so much to feel, too much to feel, at least G-“

“I said ‘that’ll be $10.50’ are you in there?” called out the ticket salesmen for the fourth time.

If she could have sunk further into her hoodie that moment she would have, but holding herself together she pulls the ticket Garfield gave her out of her book, rasping out “I’ve already got one.”

With a groan and a look that said “oh boy, another mopey one” the salesmen pointed to a few turnstiles and a different man just off to his side. “Wrong line, book signing starts in an hour.”

Without further incident Raven hands over her ticket and passes through the turnstiles, entering the fair proper. Even without his heightened senses, Raven found herself assaulted by the same smells and sounds as her closest friend. Moving deeper in towards their chosen meeting place, her mind was now fully exposed to the swirling cloud of emotions permeating ever last inch of the fair. But… well, they’re happy. Nearly every single one is positive, glad to be here. It actually feels kind of nice.

Then she sees him, crouched on the bench rather than sitting in the unique way he does. Raven feels the corners of her mouth tug their way up seemingly against her will. But then, she almost hears an audible cracking sound as the world becomes a spider web fracture before her eyes. Exposed to so many people at once she let her mental barriers drop just a bit too much. In an instant she saw Garfield, Beast Boy, and Changeling. She saw green fur and red, she saw alien creatures and demonic beasts. She saw a goofy boy consuming entire pizzas, she saw a grown man gently holding her heart. All of them separate, all of them overlapping. Every version both real and nonexistent.

Squeezing her eyes shut and dropping her book, Raven grabs her head. A spark of white hot pain ping pongs through her mind she finds her center and grabs for it. Mental barriers form once more in her mind as, unbenounced to her, the blue/black energy of her soul self swirls tightly around her.

When her eyes open once more, both her energy and the fractured world has faded. She’s Raven, she’s at the fair, and before her is Garfield. Scooping up her book she ignores the looks from those that saw her powers. Instead she thinks to herself “Did he see?” She didn’t want him to, but she isn’t sure why.

Date: 2017-02-01 10:07 am (UTC)
midnight_blue: Raven in street close and happy. (dancing)
From: [personal profile] midnight_blue
Flustered by the sudden, uninvited physical contact, Raven jerks to the side at the tickling and the voice in her ear, though she manages to settle once she realizes that it’s Garfield teasing her. While she’s completely unfazed by the way Garfield shifts fluidly from one form to the next, color does reach her cheeks at the compliment. She means to respond, she really does, but instead she finds herself just matching Gar’s pace at his side. The cunning plan worked, Raven is too off balanced by Gar’s sheer personality to let the crush of outside emotions collapse in on her.

More at ease now Raven stops clutching her book to her chest like it’s the only thing keeping her grounded. Holding her book loosely at her side with one hand, she’s free to reach up and pull back her hood. Her shiny black hair spills out around her face to rest gently on her shoulders. Giving Gar a wry look, one eye hidden behind her locks, she questions his command. “My three nose tonight?” A joke? Maybe, possibly, unlikely, but potentially. “Maybe something to eat?”

Date: 2017-02-03 12:24 am (UTC)
midnight_blue: Raven in street close and happy. (dancing)
From: [personal profile] midnight_blue
Raven can’t help but grimace at the memory of Robin with that gross little stash sticking out from just beneath his mask. The memory gets a little slippery though and drifts off into the back of her mind. She lets it go, deciding that now isn’t the best time to struggle to sort out her thoughts. As the distant look leaves her face she catches sight of Gar’s overly dramatic accusational pointing and she feels that strange sensation again, the weird little tugging at the corners of her mouth that leave the look of the world’s smallest smirk on her face.

“I’m not really sure what I want, umm… are you sure you don’t…” her voice trails off as two things become one. No, of course Garfield doesn’t eat meat. Raven turns to look him fully in the face as she walks. No, she’s never seen him eat meat ever, why did she remember… and then it’s gone. “How about a sausage, peppers, and onion sandwich without the sausage?” Her fingers flex around her book as she remembers the primary goal of the night. “Maybe no onions too… I don’t want to Alyssa Coldweller to smell my dinner when I meet her… Think we can find some cheese pizza?”

Date: 2017-02-04 08:07 pm (UTC)
midnight_blue: Raven in street close and happy. (dancing)
From: [personal profile] midnight_blue
Were she a beast like him, Gar would be able to feel the fur on her back stand up straight. Lacking such an early warning system, it’s up to the Titan’s wandering hand to notice the more subtle tension as Raven’s muscles go taunt in response to the teasing. She glances away slightly, letting her hair hide most of her face as she blushes furiously. As the teasing continues Raven gives her friend a shove with her free hand, not a hard one, nothing that feels mean, nothing that actually pushes him away, but it’s not exactly playful. “We can’t all go through life smelling like a series of barn yards. Sometimes people like to , to… well, people… I do not write fan fiction!”

Though she continues to allow herself to be lead to Famous Original Classic Ray’s (now also serving fried dough) she does try at firing off another barb. “I think I do want some meat, I think I want lots of it. Maybe tomorrow, we’ll get all the Titans together for a nice big barbecue, and we’ll just cover everything in green food dye.” Even though she says this, she still orders a small pepper and mushroom pizza to split with Garfield from the gangly teen working the register.

While she waits for their order Raven steps to the side of the small building so she can look out over the water. It’s hard to read her emotional state at the moment. Normally so stoic, she seems to be much more… human around Garfield. Even so, not used to expressing emotions, at least not in positive ways, its honestly hard to tell if she’s trying to play Gar’s game with him or if she might actually be insulted. Only two things Gar can know for sure. One, she really doesn’t like barbecue, too messy. Two, she hasn’t run off or teleported away.

Date: 2017-02-04 11:13 pm (UTC)
midnight_blue: Raven in street close and happy. (dancing)
From: [personal profile] midnight_blue
Raven makes a sound at the ribs comment that might actually be a cross between the world’s smallest laugh and a groan. Besides that, she makes no other comment about the constant boorish, or even boarish, flirting. As Garfield does is best ‘adult’ routine Raven keeps her back to him, taking a moment to mull over what he bad to say. After a moment of silence she feels her fingers relax, glancing down in surprise, having not realized how badly she’d been white knuckling her book. Maybe the little green man from Earth was right. It’s true he pushed her buttons a lot, and it’s true she did her best to return the favor, but there really wasn’t any reason to get upset right now.

With a sigh, she turns around to face Gar, regarding him with a soft look. He was trying after all, no one else had even attempted to get her out of her room since she… came back, woke up? Too muddy for now. She leaves the window for the booth, rejoining Garfield. Before she sits she reaches up and unzips her hoodie, revealing an old, faded ‘The Toadies’ band shirt, the heat of the pizzeria getting to her. With that done she slips down into the booth, not across from, but next to Garfield.

“I know, and I’m fine, really. Yes, sometimes you are too Beast Boy, but the problem is that you make me very not Raven. You get under my skin. Even though I can feel your intentions and I know that you’re being friendly, I still get defensive. I am trying, and I know you are too. We will have-“ she pauses to grimace slightly as she forces herself to say it “fun, tonight.” With that she reaches up to tuck her hair behind her ear then looks Gar fully in the face. “Okay?”

Date: 2017-02-05 09:37 pm (UTC)
midnight_blue: Raven in street close and happy. (dancing)
From: [personal profile] midnight_blue
Raven mimics Gar’s motions almost in synchronization with him, grabbing up one of the red pepper shakers and covering her slice. Lifting the whole plate to her face instead of just the slice, she blows across it gently to cool it, then nudges just a bit off the plate and takes a bite. While she savors the taste of cheese and peppers she thinks over what to really do first.

“Umm… I haven’t ever been to a fair before, or like, been on a ride… so I don’t know. There really wasn’t much… excitement, in Azarath. And well, since then, you pretty much know what I’ve been up to. Or… I think you do… umm… What would be most fun…” Raven trails off as a new worrisome thought begins to spiral through her mind.

How old is she? Is she a member of the Titans or their mentor? She grimaces and grabs hold of Gar’s arm, gripping it to the point of being painfully tight. She concentrates hard on the here and now, and lets the discordant moment pass. With a weary sigh, she picks her plate back up and restates her question before taking another bite. “What would be most fun?”

Date: 2017-02-09 07:37 pm (UTC)
midnight_blue: Raven in street close and happy. (dancing)
From: [personal profile] midnight_blue
Raven groans as she finishes her slice. “Just because her other fans call themselves the Bookwitches it does not mean there is a coven or that I’m a member.” She sets down her plate and picks her book up from the table. Looking over the cover for a moment she thrusts it in front of Gar’s face. “This series isn’t even about Witches, see?” The cover of the book depicts an enormous black lion leading a pack of white wolves. Embossed on the front in large reflective red letters in the title ‘Heart of the Pack.’ It looks bad. It looks so very, very bad. The cover practically screams in Gar’s face “I am terrible, run now, run in fear, for I exist beyond the map of good taste, I am the culmination of all that is wrong in literature. Run.”

Raven seems to be smiling softly as she holds out the book. “This is the first in her newest five-part series. It’s about shape shifters. I think you’d probably like it a lot.” She gives the book a little shake as if she means for Gar to take it, but then she remembers why she’s here and pulls it back. “I have another copy at home you can read, its soft cover.” And with that the danger passes, for now. Setting the book back down Raven goes about doctoring up her second slice of the small four slice pizza. “If you think it will be a good start, then we will ride the Ferris wheel.


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