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Jakita sits at one of the desks, feet kicked up on the nearest corner, as she flips through an outdated copy of LA Travel.

"Spacation? What the hell does that even mean, Phoebe?" There's a jangle as keys get tossed across the room, and she catches the ring in one hand. The question is directed to the young blond woman who is wending her way towards the pair; she shrugs.

"Can't tell ya, Ms. Wagner, y'all don't give us a whole lot of vacation time to try stuff like that out. Maybe bring that up to the old man next time you see him?" The smile on her face softens the harsh words, and Jakita can't help but grin back at her.

Phoebe holds out a neatly-labeled folder. "This has everything you need - insurance papers, some traveling cash, and an address for the lady you're there to talk to. I apologize in advance for the traffic y'all are going to hit, so please try not to blow anything up, because it'll just make it worse."

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Adam is wearing a white cotton shirt and jeans...about as common as he gets. He's also Teth-Adam at the moment...he wasn't sure if the physiology changes he undergoes when he takes the Wizard's powered form would set off any alarms where they would be going.

"I'm certain of the many rages Ms. Wagner favors, road isn't one of them." Adam says. His smile is reminiscent of the smile Mr. Rourke's guests receive when they arrive at the island.

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Adam looks at Jakita briefly before returning to that same smile. "I will guard it with my life."

He follows her out the door to where the vehicle pool would be.

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Adam slides in behind the passenger seat. EVentually they begin the journey.

After about 10 minutes of silence, Adam breaks it. "So...did this life choose you, or did you choose it?"

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Adam replies evenly. "I was given my powers by the wizard Shazam in the days of Ancient Egypt, at that time under the rule of Prince Khufu. During that time, my homeland of Kahndaq was conquered by an agent of Vandal Savage, known then as Vandar Adg. The agent was named Akh-ton, and he murdered my wife and children.

"He died by my hand, and I went to reclaim my homeland by any means necessary. The wizard disagreed with this course of action, and destroyed me.

"My soul and abilities where then placed in a scarab in a tomb, until several centuries later when an archeologist named Theo Adam found the scarab and absorbed my soul and powers. Theo suppressed me for years and used the Wizard's gifts for his own personal gain until I managed to regain control. Theo Adam's influence was removed with the aid of the Justice Society, and I joined them for a time to prove my honor once again.

I reclaimed Kahndaq from the despotic rule a few years later, and here we are."

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Adam looked directly at her and arched an eyebrow. "Mr. Snow seemed to know who we were. You don't read the same books, I guess."

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Adam audibly chuckles. "Fair enough."

Adam them goes into a brief history based on what he knows...most of which is a general overview of World War II and how the JSA played into that, including what he had been told about the Spear of Destiny and the Holy Grail not allowing the more powerful JSA members to enter Axis territory without dire results. Even so, what he says is vague.

He's more specific about his time with the Justice Society. "They have an issue with mercy for those that truly don't deserve it, of the byzantine laws of the United States and due process. I disagree with them on those points, but that doesn't mean they aren't an example of true heroism and justice that they have amazingly not compromised despite their decades of existence. That is why I still respect them even thought I am no longer a member. My focus now is on Kahndaq and protecting my people."

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"I am here because of the connection of...whatever it is we are doing...to finding Doctor Fate. The original Doctor Fate was vizier under Khufu and a staunch ally. Jay Garrick is a man of justice and honor, which is more rare in the 'heroes' of today than you might think. The end result, and how it is measured, may differ between us. Since I don't know why you are doing this, I can't and won't speak for you."

Up The Coast ...

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Sunnyville lies on the California coast, nestled into the neck of a small valley ... meaning that, by car, there are only three roads in or out. It also means the radio cuts out as they approach the town, and soon the only station that comes in seems to play only Top 40, particularly the latest song by 17-year-old Latina pop star Valentina Cazador.

The town itself is lovely, if mostly unremarkable. A population of a few thousand, mostly a suburban outpost of Silicon Valley. A lot of wealth, a lot of tourist trade, and some fantastic surfing. Planetary has booked them a pair of rooms at a hotel resort right on the beach.

The dossier also says the town has a curiously high mortality rate ... a spike in violent deaths that was stemmed, if not ended, within the past few years. They were never explained, and although the police reference gangs, FBI gang units have never turned up any significant gang presence.

The file also has info on Whitney Winters, but it's not very deep. A 17-year-old high school student ... average grades, no extracurricular activities. She was a cheerleader for a while, but quit without reason. There's a photo: She's pretty -- a quintessential California blonde -- but there's something haunted in her eyes, a darkness that she can't quite suppress.

Elijah had called her "the Gateway Between the Living and the Dead," but didn't elaborate. He said you had to see it for yourself to understand.
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