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Lex Luthor and Superman soar across the Pacific. Even taking a Boom Tube to international waters, the flight will still take more than an hour. He knows the Kryptonian is curious to see him put the armor through its paces, which is probably the only reason he's taking what is, for him the slow way.

But he has to concede ... he likes flying. It's become a sort of refuge. He forgets about his responsibilities, his agendas. For a moment, at least.

"I have a dozen odd-business ventures and partnerships in Singapore," he says, casually. "More than a number of place suitable to use as a base to look for a quantum-powered teenager. Have you spent much time there?"

He actually finds he wants to know the answer to that question. He can't imagine Superman just visiting someplace. He can't imagine battling Titano and then stopping to try the dim sum.

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Superman does a backflip in the air like a huge show offy jerk. Why?

Flying is awesome that's why.

"A few times!" Superman says, picturing a classic Luthor Lair under some subway with busts of famous east Asian dictators and collected philosophy of madmen he's turned into a mathematical formula for crime. Ah, nostalgia. "Spent some time here undercover after an earthquake, Will Magnus was worried it was artificially created. Found this great dim sum place, I wonder if it's still open..."

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"In all fairness, he could use the jewels as a focus for some contraption that let him raid other realities." Superman pauses. "To steal more jewels. How can a guy that developed a mathematical formula that lets him walk through walls be so short sighted?"

Look who you're talking to.

"You asking me to dinner, Luthor?" Superman laughs, because of course he has an anti-Chinese government ray. "Half the fun is finding places on your own, but it wouldn't be a bad place to start. They know one of my aliases here." Clark isn't HAPPY about giving one up, but walking around in costume is BEGGING to have the Great Ten or, worse, Dr. Omen's band of crazy gene-thieves to start trouble.

Not that he minds most of those new Justice League of China kids, their hearts seem in the right place. It's Omen that worries him. "I think it was called...Lucky Lou's. It's the one with the big stuffed dog in the front. I think he was being ironic."

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"I have long ago given up trying to understand that which makes a man turn his genius towards such mundane crimes as bank robbery," a deep voice said, as J'onn faded into view next to the two.

"I apologize for my delay. An emergency prevented me from arriving sooner."

Such was ever the life of the super-hero, especially when you were a detective in your private life. He was certain the museum theft was significant... if only he could be certain of why. But little good could come of anything called the Idol Head of Diablo...

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"J'onn!" Superman shakes the Martian's hand, grinning and clapping his back a little. There'd probably be a hug involved if the situation wasn't serious. "Great to see you! What's the situation here?" Because of course J'onn got here early to scout out.

Date: 2017-02-01 02:17 am (UTC)
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"It is good to see you as well, Kal-El," J'onn replied.

"Precious little, I am afraid. The occasional rumor of a most remarkable and powerful young woman, but one who rarely allows herself to be seen for long.

There was... occasionally the hint of something more, a greater presence, but I did not wish to violate any minds further to discover what it might be."

He shook his head. "Of all of Stormwatch, I remember Jenny Quantum most clearly. A powerful child, innocent in her way. But one which frightened many people with the promise of what adolescence would bring. If time has resettled her...

She may possibly be the most powerful super-human on the planet."

Date: 2017-02-03 03:35 pm (UTC)
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Clark frowns a bit, remembering a lonely red haired boy and a hideous machine.

"My folks made me clean up after myself. Built character." Clark's dry tone matches Lex's, as he crosses his arms. "I'm amazed the Ten or that new Justice League of China haven't been called in if she's been attacking military targets. Could I get a little more information on this Jenny? You two seem to have more on her capabilities. Transmutation, at least."

Superman also raises an eyebrow at J'onn's proclamation but, hell, he's claimed that before. Usually a few hours before the League beat whatever strongest meta on the planet was rampaging.

"And what do we know ABOUT her? Why is she lashing out at her own government? Do we know if she's contacted other super-powered rebels? I heard a rumor of a Chinese Freedom Fighter team, she might try to spring them." Superman does not seems terribly torn up at the prospect, at least as far as body language goes.
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"It is more complex than that, Luthor," J'onn said. "Her powers are shaped by modern understanding of science. As this expands... so too will her abilities change and grow."

A memory came unbidden, cutting through the haze, dark and cold and cynical. And what happens, someone leather-clad had asked arguing that Jenny was too powerful to be left alive, when she's fifteen and gets her heart broken by some boy?

And H'ronmeer help him, some part of him had agreed with those concerns.

He pushed those thoughts down. Whatever personality had been constructed for him, he was not that person.

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"What, like how Uncle Sam's the spirit of America?" Superman asks, looking a bit worried J'onn's brief moment of pain. He won't point it out in front of Luthor, but he makes a note to have a private word with the Martian.

"Maybe he could help her out with dealing with the nature of her powers." Clark offers, a bit optimistic. "If she thinks she's helping, that might be a place to start at least. Goodness knows I had a period where I was pretty...direct in helping people. Jenny deserves a chance to mature, at least."

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"It may be a similar process," J'onn agreed. "The metaphysics of this world are a bit beyond me, at times. But it was Stormwatch's assessment that such a title was meant to be taken literally. There had, by their reckoning, been many such "Jenny's.'"

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Luthor IS crazy, though not in the drooling Joker sort of way. More in the "I've built a planet called Lexor, Superman! IT HATES YOU." way.

But he isn't stupid and Superman listens seriously, his super senses only pulsing a little because this is an awfully long time to be in one place without a sudden ambush.

Also of COURSE he looks up ancient Superman parallels. Probably for practice.

"But the Quantiums are as much agents of change as they are protection, if I'm correct." Superman points out, "Which might help PEOPLE, but the planet doesn't always think in those terms. I remember one time some rogue elementals tried to wipe the species out for...whatever reason. I'm not really sure why a rock would care about....anyway, it's not a BAD idea. Could you go into more detail?"

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"Mister Miracle and I once encountered something similar. A being who appeared to be as L'Zoril, the Martian God of Dreams... but Miracle described a gaunt and pale figure with dark hair."

He rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "It is not unthinkable. Many cultures have tales of an Earth spirit, such as Gaea. And we ourselves know of living planets, like Mogo or Yggardis."
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And Luthor says he's creepy.

Still, Clark appreciates the snack. Superman takes in a whiff, grinning.

"I think you have a point on the exponential thing, Luthor." Superman admits, after a long moment, "Though I don't see how that helps us immediately, it does mean that protecting the Quantum line might be more of a priority than we think. If you've realized this, other minds may have as well. Which means they'll want to take advantage..."
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"Then I would pity those other minds," J'onn said. "But the consequences or costs of such a conflict could be... extreme."

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Almost as though in reply to Lex's assertion, an alarm goes off on the computer.

"She's been spotted downtown," shouts Luthor, but then horror washes over his face.

"Superman ... J'onzz ... We need to get downtown. Now."

He takes a deep breath.

"It appears she's under attack."


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