Jan. 30th, 2017

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This was the best plan ever.

Okay so it wasn't the first time Beast Boy had thought those words. He'd have said them but his usual partner in crime is busy hanging out with the big kids, and talking to yourself is a sign of insanity. "Right?" Beast Boy asks nobody, before shifting into the form of a bird and flapping over the wire fence.

Not that he didn't have tickets, but you've got to show off when you can. Never know when an audience would be around!

There wasn't, or at least the people were used to green animals that shift into teenagers. Not a big deal; Beast Boy winked at a passing cutie just to show he still had skin in the game, and went to make sure his tickets were right. Things were...weird since all that stuff with the blue guy. He had more memories than he should, just mathematically speaking, and frankly it was all a little cerebral for a go with your instincts guy like him. What he really needed was some fun, and what better place than a freaking fun fair!

Beast Boy took in the scents of the boardwalk; cheap food, cheaper perfumes, decaying rides and the oil and assorted fluids that kept them working, and a little bit of sick for flavor. Awesome. And as an added incentive, one of a certain someone's favorite authors was doing a book signing in an hour. Some depressing lady who wrote about sad people being miserable. The first two books were kind of okay, maybe.

"Let's just hope she shows up." Beast Boy crouches on a bench, not really embarrassed by the less than human posture he was most comfortable in. Not often anyway.


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