Dec. 22nd, 2016

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STAR Labs*, Metropolis

Doctor Mid-Nite was still finding his place in things, as memories returned and other pieces of reality seemed to be playing catch-up, but people were remembering and recognizing him.   STAR Labs had called on him before, when they needed someone who crossed the boundaries of medicine, science, and super-heroics.

Such was the case now.  The woman calling herself Superwoman had turned to them for help, and in turn, they had had turned to him.  She was dying and no one had been able to explain why.

He'd run a few tests of his own,and though he wished he had Michael here to further verify the results, he was reasonably certain, certain enough to give her the news.

She was... somewhat strange to his eyes.  Of course, everyone was, but when your vision relied upon the ultraviolet and infrared, your definition of strange tended to be a little bit different as well.  Even powered down, he could see the energies coursing through her.

He looked down at his tablet, then up at her.

"I'm afraid I don't have good news."

(*Scientific and Technological Advanced Research Labs)


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